BREAKING NEWS – Michael jackson death Hoax

This is it music One of the most important evidences founded in history of Michael jackson’s death hoax evidence collection IMPORTANT Michael’s personal message to US about his false death beLIEve !!!!!!!!!!

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  1. peaceandloveMJ says:

    I hope so, but with a doctor like Murray everything is possible!

  2. Salipower12345 says:

    God, I miss you…..

  3. Thethisisit1 says:

    @thisisitSECRET how dare you!!!! your vid proves nothing!!!! you cant let it be can ya … call us fake and liers!!! do some research before you make such vids…..this message could of been added to the track at any point,,,and i see by ya vid you didnt mention that the rest of the song was different with words changed!!!! why could u not respect others believes instead of trying to make me and pianogames look nuts!!! you are no better than the media!!!!!

  4. dont copyright !

  5. Thethisisit1 says:


  6. reese247fan says:

    Mike, my love, I believe and still believe in you. I do understand you probably more than you can ever imagine, so please dont forget, I LOVE YOU!:) Do what you have to do for YOU and THE CHILDREN, then your family and fans. Im here for you through whatever, whenever, however its needed! This is it, my love for you, I feel your heart always gooooodddd, dont worry yourself. Real people do real things, like You and I! LOVE YOU ETERNITY! Wen this is all said and done, will you remember ME?

  7. lyricsfreak58 says:

    y cant u hear it well
    the first song… i mean


    Cool ! I heard it reversed on my Nero 7 WaveEditor and it matches. It’s something like a message that he’s living. I hope that’s still true !!

  9. lovechobits3 says:

    i doubt very much that he would be inrresponsible enough to abuse medication considering how much he loves his children…probably to a level normal people cannot imagine. i’m sure they meant everything to him. he’s a highly intelligent person so i’m sure he wasn’t ignorant enough to not know the results of abusing dangerous medications. that’s the only thought that truly gives me hope.

  10. thisisitSECRET says:

    the truth of the song is on my channel watch it

  11. LadyDiana20091 says:

    i think he faked his death due to his debt … having kids everyone wants to be sure there is enough money for their welfare, so i dont think it was about ” him leaving his kids”etc.. probably even 50 concerts wouldnt bring enough money.. wount even metion it would be exhaustong for him to do it… so whats better idea to get more money then from doing 50 concerts??? … I just hope he will be back one day…. love him forever!!!!

  12. krystye51 says:


  13. MusicFanGirl76 says:

    this is … demoniac LOL

  14. REAPEREVL15 says:

    hes dead get over it this is reapers lil bro so ya i hate him hes dead just like dirt >:3


    @REAPEREVL15 we have no proofs that he’s dead.


    Instead of “Do not give up” “That i live on forever” he said “Do i have a plan ?”

  17. misscarly12 says:

    i think he faked it NOT bcoz of debt ok???
    bcoz on the 1st 5 days of his movie This Is It, he already earned 101 million dollars…
    he will not fake his death just bcoz for himself..

  18. misscarly12 says:

    wait, this song was composed right after thriller on 1980s right???

  19. maria19eliza82 says:

    At 3:34 he could be singing: ”I’m missing you oh when your not near..”

  20. arthurbaldin says:

    Eita pinto !!!!! pegando coisas do mulheres de luxo que feio!!! irmao do bruno aki gemeio :P

  21. shellrob12 says:

    Fake ass,this song was made during the early 80′s how is he going to come back from the dead and rearrage the lyrics,bullshit in its best form.

  22. FillionDollarSmile says:

    You know..
    Backward songs give me the creeps :S
    But im not sure i understand what subliminal messages do cause the song writers ddont know there there so ???

  23. bigdadee15 says:

    AT the end of the song 3:55 he said…I’m in peace now

  24. kiddygrade1230 says:

    “I’m the one in it all
    who is alive, girl!”
    and then he says,”Do you blame me for the way I lived my life?”
    The song was made earlier(i believe the 80s), but he could have easily changed somthings to make it sound this way backwards. What sent chills down my spine was when he said, “This is it.” and he sounds sad, depressed even. Maybe because he knows he’s hurting his fans by faking his death…But I would forgive him, he deserves his privacy anyway.

  25. MsLegendmj says:

    great video.. thanks.. <3

  26. Creepy…..and bullsh*t.

  27. jasmine robinson says:


  28. jasmine robinson says:

    i mad at you and dont ask why ok

  29. I love Micheal Jackson better than you ok

  30. nooo

  31. good mickeal jackson you are cute

  32. i love you to

  33. so what

  34. so what mickeal jackson do you stay love me

  35. okey i hate yoll but not mickeal jackson

  36. i do not have a ring from you mickeal jackson

  37. i remimber you

  38. i hate you

  39. yes it is still true

  40. @jasmine robinson

  41. I HAVE HEARD THIS ON U-TUBE B4 but the fact is that the king of pop is really deceased…if he had to he would have come back b4…

    but i wish he is alive…my heart wants it but my brain has a different story 2 tell…

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