Breaking news: Michael Jackson sends message to fans I am alive!

Breaking news: Michael Jackson sends message to fans I am alive!

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  1. MrFenerim1907 says:

    woooow but is this real ????

  2. eternityyyful says:

    i think THIS is RIGHT!!!!!!!!

  3. opsession2009 says:

    I am so confused
    It is strange, everything anyway

  4. what da heck????

  5. MegaTarish says:

    OMG!! is this real ??

  6. oOoCarameloOo says:

    i hope ;)

  7. HazelEyedEpiphany says:

    uh-oh, that does sound like him, i dont know what to think, i;ve always loved him and said i was always wait to see him again, i would have hope, but i;ve seen and heard things these past months, it might the wishes of a breaking heart, but i’m not sure anymore

  8. karenstube says:

    this is derek clontz, i wouldn;t take anything from his website too seriously sadly :(

  9. isabella0828 says:

    if he does come back people will hate him for the grief he caused =/

  10. who are you to hate michael? shut up and don’t say another like that. Michael need to rest because he is ill so shut up and respect him

  11. monie51188 says:

    reading that just makes me cry ( tears of joy)… as long as he is alive, happy and safe makes me soo happy.. i cant wait till the day he comes back.. I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH MICHAEL AND I ALWAYS WILL.. take all the time you need xoxo <3

  12. fake get real or not???????

  13. michael, if u are alive and browsing the net for supporting fans know that we love you, and im sure lots of fans are emerging that were idiots that and into tabloids but have instigated those lies for themselves and realized they were just lies..

  14. michael i love you ..i know you did the right thing to hid .mickey your a human being you need time to rest and be with family ,i totally support you for hiding 100% :) your a angel :) you have done soooooo many wonderfull beautifull things in your life ..helped and healed children helped the earth and made wonderfull meaningful beauitfull music :) sweet michael you take your time your happiness and health and family and yourself comes first ..i hope you are resting and not working to hard :( you have gaven and still do gave us sooooooooo much i cant thankyou enough :) i miss you so much ..i wish you did come back :( but its only up to you if you do want to come back noone should make you ..i fully support your decision :) i wish i had a chance to hug you to say thanyou i have open loving arms if you are coming back to us .you shouldnt feel bad becouse of it sweet angel .theres not a day and night i listen to your beautifull azamzing songs :( please please dont forget us youyr fans michael pleaseeeeeeee we all have to much love for you and we respect you and miss you ..again it should be only YOUR decidsion if you want to come back to us .and i am sooooooooo proud of you michael and miss you soo much .again i dont wont to pressure you mickael but could you please keep us send us signs your with us . sorry about my spelling getting teary coz i miss you and love you to much :( michael is a beaiutfull sweet human being :) michael is a angel :)michael is a healer :) and please agagin dont feel guilty michael you havent done ANYTHING wrong at all you are human :) and you dont need to be sorry you have nothing to be sorry about .i am proud of you :)

  15. sorry michael me again .:( i just want to wish you a happy birtdhay :)))))))))))))))) i hope you are taking it easy :) theres not a day and night i miss you .and never ever forget us *your fans* love and miss you and soooooooooo proud of you sooooooooo proud and thankfull :)))) i will light i a candle for your birthday :)

  16. sorry michael to write to you again :( i dont want to bother you ..i am just wishing you a happy birthday :))
    and that i love you soooooooooooooooooo much :) so proud of you :) and proud to be your fan and i always be :)))) michael your a angel :) michael you are a beautifull human being :) forever i am thankfull :)
    please never forget we your fans loveeeeeeeee you and proud of you :) and miss you soo much :) if you decide to come back to us i have opening arms for you :)))))))) remeber YOU havent done ANYTHING wrong loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you sweet beautifull angel .

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