Goofing on Michael Jackson During the News (1 of 2)

From 11/16/09, Robin mentions a rumor she heard about Michael Jackson having been castrated to explain his high-pitch voice, leading Howard and Artie to goof on him during the news.

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  1. Thank you for uploading this! :-D

  2. Constavlos says:

    r.i.p mike. one of the greatest musicians the world has ever known.

  3. Nostrildamus1 says:

    Howard is fucking gay… miley cyrus? shut the fuck up pelican.

  4. handicappedonkey says:

    howard stern is God. do not watch a howard stern video posted by a howard stern diehard if you believe that

  5. monkeypunch1984 says:

    how can you be a musician if you don’t play anything? singer? yep? song writer? I guess, but musician…nope.

  6. @monkeypunch1984
    musician’s can do more than just play instrumentals. peace.

  7. monkeypunch1984 says:

    i’ll be generous and call him a singer/songwriter. ” One, two, twee: du du du dooda dee da dee do, okay, Quincy you do the rest I’m gonna go to Walmart and buy a pair of Wrangler’s and a best of Stone Cold Steve Austin DVD.”

  8. Constavlos says:

    so ANYone who cannot play an instrument cannot be called a ‘musician’ in your eyes? o..k.

  9. joustingjay says:

    stop it, stop it!

  10. MsLennoNZ says:

    GUYS the high pitched voice was a PR stunt lol. and he did play guitar and piano if not wonderfully. remember he played drums too.

  11. RoadDogXVIII says:

    While you’re a little over the top, yeah. What straight man can stomach Miley Cyrus?

  12. nitram0110 says:

    im with Constavlos

  13. flabbyhabbybabby1 says:


  14. You all suck.

    Long Live the KIng Of Pop !!!
    ~Rochester NY

  15. charlieiscool1000 says:

    he is a musical genuis and legend who will always be the greatest enteriner of all time no one came close to him on stage

  16. fatograph says:

    True. I mean having 10,000 dancers, $3 million in pyrotechnics every six seconds, Georg Lucas graphics….that had nothing to do with it. Usually people who have that surrounding them are not comfortable with their own ability to captivate a crowd…

  17. hoseeeeeeeeee says:

    @Constavlos yeah exactly. Its like finding a builder that doesn’t know how to use a hammer.

  18. Constavlos says:



  19. sweetuth99 says:


    …because during mj’s 30 plus career in show business…he’s ALWAYS had “10k dancers & $3 million in pyrotechnics” to keep people buying his product in record numbers for DECADES.

    i’m sure we’re all waiting with baited breath to see fatograph on stage surrounded with george lucas graphics….since it’s so easy right? (rolling eyes)

  20. fatograph says:

    OK, I’m going to take $10 million in cash and build a house. I’m going to give you some wood and some buffalo skin. In two months tell me who will have the better house. Go away, dummy.

  21. sweetuth99 says:


    …because mj was given “$10 million to build a house” when he was 7-8 years old creating history and impacting the world with the jackson 5 ON THEIR VERY FIRST ALBUM.

    oh yeah; those kids were given everything. talent had NOTHING to do with it. congratulations fatograph; you’re a FUCKING MORON

    maybe YOU need to go away (instead of being an insecure prince fan who goes trolling for mj clips on youtube)

    p.s. prince is great, but why does he have so many DOUCHEBAGS for fans? LMFAO

  22. ELKINGJORDAN says:


  23. DartmouthAlum96 says:

    Castration will not change the pitch of a man’s voice unless the testicles are removed before puberty.

  24. ladymusiclover says:

    I like MJ’S voice it’s cool.. Jermaine also has a high voice..

  25. frost8381 says:

    HI DADDY!!!!!!!!

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