IGN Daily Fix, 7-10: Michael Jackson & WoW News

A new Michael Jackson game is in the works, WoW subscribers are down, more Guitar Hero world records, and our Friday giveaway.

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  1. MooKlanTV says:

    Shes So Hott….. Id Let Her Suck It. D:

    Copy And Paste If You Think The Same

  2. StandardUser555 says:

    Her blog is crap. All she does is talk crap about Final Fantasy and Conspiracy Theories and shit like that. Its not worth your time.

  3. shasha2727 says:

    oooooooooooooo i want the mj game i miss him :(

  4. oOIMetalForLifeIOo says:

    michael jackson game who would pay for a game where u rape little boys?

  5. oOIMetalForLifeIOo says:

    wow is not over.. why would blizzard announce world of warcraft : Catalysm their latest expansion if wow was ” over”

  6. i know that blizzard announced cataclysm but CHINESE servers are down… i hope wow stops… its like 4 years old game and it so addicting it should be illegal i know i was playing like a maniac be4 but its fucking stupid

  7. oOIMetalForLifeIOo says:

    yes i know chinese servers are down so what if wow is 4years old look at mario its more than 4years old and it is still fucking fun, second of all wow isnt addicting it is the person playing wow like me i can play wow like a maniac for months then all of a sudden stop for 6months or so then keep playing again it all really depends if u have an addictive personality or not

  8. xJonneyReillyx says:


  9. oOIMetalForLifeIOo says:

    i know right?

  10. Wheres her Blog?! I wanna go on there and tell her how much Im in love with her, only joking. But I dont think Jessica realizes how beautiful she is, and needs to be told this. She cant keep doing this, shes into games and is off the hook stunning its not normal. Its doing my head in!

  11. wow is addicting dude.. i quit at the start of summer and i prob wont play it again till catalisim or w/e comes out… i wanna make a golbin and worg lol

  12. jessica looks like megan fox O.o

  13. lewis2568 says:

    sick BUT funny shit man LMFAO!!

  14. hey Michael Jackson is awesome he was a legend and he never raped any kids it even said on the news the kids were lying.

  15. SexxyyAmber88 says:

    warmhearted girl who is searching for a man who would be able to satisfy my needs

  16. ARCEUS9660 says:

    ya he masturbated over dem u freak

  17. ok ok already, i’ll pull out and cum on your ass jessica

  18. GETitYAdig42 says:

    dude all gorgeous girls know trust me

  19. GrantJLomas says:

    I see that MJ game turned out to be complete bullshit then.

  20. brunogx27 says:

    rest in peace michael

  21. towandaber67 says:

    this is a great game, managed to get it online at gamesblow. com

  22. jorreerroj says:

    RIP MJ

  23. JackoMakoStudios says:

    MJ Rule Ow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. randomdude7272 says:

    damn chinese are ruining WoW for everyone!

    oh yeah and….. BOOBS!!!!

  25. pelon111893 says:

    wtf is lost ive heard so much hype about the show and ive never heard aof it?

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