Michael Jackson at Narita Airport from Japan News.

Michael Jackson at Narita Airport from Japan News.

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  1. bl00ddrain says:

    yes,he,she,me and the rest of 1.999.998 ppl lol and thats a fact

  2. Mandinko23 says:

    i 100% agree with you Mrs.MD2007, i thought i was the only one thinking that way i so badly want to say something but i don’t know how to put, but i have to say you have said it perfectly..America really doesn’t appreciate most of its greatest artist, look at james brown, there are so many. people like beyonce are nothing they only sell sex, great music, and great artist are no longer appreciated its extremely sad

  3. RIP Micheal Jackson

  4. 4yam3chan says:

    RIP Michael Jackson

    His Music inspired many fans including me..His Legacy and Music will always live on forever..He will be Missed but not Forgotten.. :(

  5. Michael Jackson was truly appreciated all around the world except in the US due to those hypocrite tabloids and media that didn’t allow him to be who he was and tormented him for a long time.
    What sucks even more is that now that he’s gone all those hypocrites will now say that MJ was the greatest American artist and they never hated him! damn hypocrites!

    R.I.P Michael Jackson!!! <3

  6. mppotion says:

    In Asia they loved him and Europe Too!
    R. I. P.

  7. livardo says:

    He was loved all over the world, trust me! I was born in Central America and this is the truth!

  8. carbon4me says:

    RIP Michael. You entertained people around the world with your music, dance and generosity.

    Cupertino, California

  9. thefourthavecafe says:

    I really miss him. Michael Jackson.
    Why did he have to go like this. Its so unfair. Even though I didntknow him personally, I truly feel like I and the rest of the world has lost one of the greatest people to have ever existed.
    But I never realized he was THIS generous and THIS humble and THIS kind until after his passing.
    I wish I had known more about him earlier.
    Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson.

  10. wats it like in central america?

  11. heywoodw987 says:

    The michael jackson autopsy video is online checkit ~ 6fu7( .)com weird…

    ahm i edit it, because i don’t like fergies’ part, sorry.?

  12. latinskillz21 says:

    Why was Kurara Chibana next to him ..!!???

  13. chenelyn9277 says:

    maybe if michael is living in japan, he’s still alive today…:(

  14. fanghe1213 says:

    also he would if he is living in china.

  15. tokitoka75 says:

    anywhere except america

  16. he was loved in japan, the japanese media is good with him. He shoud have bought a home there cause in USA people and media are evil and devilish. Bastards americans.

    My heart will always be with you Michael. You are the best

  17. decision2change says:

    No offense to North American fans but it is true – Michael was most loved outside USA and Canada. Of course, he has millions of fans in North America too but he said so himself (Living with MJ Documentary) that he feels deeper love from his fans outside USA. I miss him. I love him. I am a Canadian and am so sad he is no more.

  18. hildax3rawr says:

    Everyone Michael left because he was much too good for us.

  19. ILLArrestYa says:

    Exactly …… still sad though

  20. Punkyjes194 says:

    Yes people in Japan do care about their idol which is in this case Micheal Jackson XD

  21. “I’m glad to be home.”

  22. naminesoraluv says:

    notice the whole airport stopped JUST because MJ was arriving! Yeah he’s that powerful! Rip Micheal I love you!

  23. mydesigirl84 says:

    aww he called japan his home – how sweet ;)

  24. osamyoosama says:

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  25. vincenzo15yrs says:

    why does he need all those bodyguards?

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