Michael Jackson Autopsy Photos Leaked? – prince mongo's brother

this is a witch hunt for a black man. when a white man murdered Michael Jackson. prince mongo’s brother shows live .00 call 901-672-4464

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  1. Darkvampire26 says:

    stupid parimedicts

  2. tomgreen1721 says:

    i agree the white s also responciable for, gorge bush , pine trees which are good for hanging,, hemroids, cancer,, elvis presley,, froglegs,,, and final,, saved by the bell…

  3. DieHardMJFan says:

    Are YOU the “white nut” ? Yes you are…Now, if you are such a professional then why dont you have a clean bathroom ? You are very strange person

  4. DieHardMJFan says:

    10 minutes of my life I can never get back ! WARNING TO VIEWERS~~~ DONT WASTE UR TIME ON THIS QUACK !

  5. Ayden Simmons says:

    No one will beat the king which is Elvis Presley.

  6. there would be no other king of Rock And Roll like Elvis Presley

  7. there would be no other king of rock and roll like Elvis Presley, he is the best and a legend

  8. Outspoken says:

    o plz, elvis presley sang over black music, white ppl just needed someone musically that they can look up to…

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