Michael Jackson – Dangerous – Keep the Faith

A nice track again! Lyrics: If You Call Out Loud Will It Get Inside Through The Heart Of Your Surrender To Your Alibis And You Can Say The Words Like You Understand But The Power’s In Believing So Give Yourself A Chance * ‘Cause You Can Climb The Highest Mountain Swim The Deepest Sea, Hee All You Need Is The Will To Wart It And Uhh, Little Self-Esteem So Keep The Faith Don’t Let Nobody Turn You ‘Round You Gotta Know When It’s Good To Go To Get Your Dreams Up Off The Ground Keep The Faith, Baby, Yea Because It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before Your Confidence Will Win Out Believe In Yourself No Matter What It’s Gon’ Take You Can Be A Winner But You Got To Keep The Faith …Gon’ Keep It Brother You Got It * And When You Think Of Trust Does It Lead You Home To A Place That You Only Dream Of When You’re All Alone And You Can Go By Feel ‘Stead Of Circumstance But The Power’s In Beliving So Give Yourself A Chance I Know That You Can Sail Across The Water Float Across The Sky, High Any Road That You Take Will Get You There If You Only Try So Keep The Faith, Ow Don’t Let Nobody Take You Down, Brother Just Keep Your Eyes On The Prize And Your Feet Flat On The Ground Keep The Faith, Baby, Yea Because It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before Your Confidence Will Win Out * I Told My Brother How To Do The Thing Right Lift Up Your Head And Show The World You Got Pride Go For What You Want Don’t Let ‘Em Get In Your Way You Can Be A Winner But You Got To Keep The Faith Gon’ Keep It Brother You Got

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  1. Mjackson123ksb says:

    The dangerous album is the bomb man… I love this song!!!!

  2. shutupnlistentome says:

    My fave sonq on this album . <3

  3. babagaMEHRnoosh says:

    i love you michael :)

    p.s. thanks jenny ;)

  4. babagaMEHRnoosh says:

    i love you michael :)

    p.s. thanks jenny ;)

  5. satanknight14 says:

    I swear , I’m not haing on anybody Elvis but how can you be serious saying Elvis was better than Michael >.>

  6. MrsMJLoveAlways says:

    I told ma brutha how to do tha thang right

  7. Heather32453 says:

    Love this song :D <3 xx

  8. xljc20x says:

    wow your so lucky !!

  9. xKeepTheFaithx says:

    My fave MJ song(:

  10. silvermist1216 says:

    It is beyond me why this song hasn’t gotten more attention. One of his better songs without a doubt.

  11. Camisha101 says:

    i wish mj woulda done a gospel album

  12. katanamjbad says:

    i love this song, keep the faith great song yes!

  13. xKeepTheFaithx says:

    ikr! :)

  14. MickeyTinkerr says:

    I love this song. God bless him <3

  15. blackhairedbeauty01 says:

    this is inspiring.!!! i love mj.!!! & im going 2 hi skool in less than a wk and i’m so glad i heard this song..!!!

  16. SholaMind21 says:

    @Shaniceonline what was he like??

  17. SholaMind21 says:

    @Shaniceonline What was he like..& did u ever flirt ;)

  18. libby101lizzy says:

    oh wow this son is amazing… just pure amazing!

  19. CaribQueen1000 says:

    @blackhairedbeauty01 Yes…. This song is very inspiring for young people and middle-aged people too! My son is going to middle school in a couple of weeks and this is one of the songs I’ve been playing for him and will wake him up with in the morning — along with Jam! Thank God for Michael Jackson ….. He’s reached across the generations. Praise God!

  20. DRZREALEST says:

    they said thriller was his best album, but Dangerous and Invincible were great too…

  21. MiisterJackson says:

    @minasz All Michael Albums is Great, not only Thriller, all Albums is Same and Powerfully, only Media Talk Shit about if Thriller is better from another MJ Album, all Album Song Singer and Song Writer our Angel Michael, this is Important case for us!!!!! and MJ is not dead but Stil Alive, thsi is just only hidden dead, in Public dead in Real not dead!!!!!!!

  22. @MiisterJackson No he s dead….why would you think he is still alive. Whats the evidence

  23. xxLoosyLouxx says:

    This song gives me hope no matter what happens. Thank you Michael…

  24. MichaelJackson665 says:

    This song is wonderful!! :D

  25. queen10993 says:

    @MiisterJackson EXACTLY! they should try to write an album half as good as any of his songs if they’re gonna say that only Thriller was the best album. Michael is THE best singer,performer,dancer,humanitarian (I could go on and on) ever!

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