Michael Jackson Detroit News 1998

News and small interviews with MJ about a joint venture with Don Barden in 1998

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  1. mommy632 says:

    @ABCHealTheWorld mj siad that to once and he told the media when he found out who tried him (a lady 4got her nam) he told her go to hell but didnt show his mouth cause he had to put up the umbrella

  2. San47di says:

    Sadly, Detroiters voted against Don Barten’s project (like uneducated damned Fools!!), therefore the project between Barten & Michael never came to fruition. The City of Detroit paid a Huge price for their “lack of vision,” as the project would have brought many jobs into the City .. and with the Auto Companies failing, Detroit needed those jobs! They have Casinos now, but it came years too late to make a difference for the City.

  3. Cetramarius says:

    what date was this?

  4. adyjolie says:

    He is not JACKO!!!!!!!!

  5. TH4JBndMJ says:

    Not ‘jacko’, ‘wacko jacko ‘…..

  6. AnnieMJFan795 says:

    Damn, I can’t believe he was here in Detroit twelve years ago.
    If only I came here two years earlier.

  7. TracyAndersonFoxhunt says:

    why doesn’t somebody tell him he has two dead snakes under his hat? i mean, that’s cold not to tell him

  8. TracyAndersonFoxhunt says:

    @MJInvincible7 wacko-jacko

  9. TracyAndersonFoxhunt says:

    @MsAriesLady wacko-jacko

  10. 0513RITA says:

    I don’t like thay call MJ “jacko jacko!”

  11. masencullen says:

    It’s JACKSON, not JACKO! JEEZ!

  12. lifeablast says:

    @TracyAndersonFoxhunt, I think you are in love with Michael too since you cannot stay away from all his videos. And the fact is that this not even his music video, this is only report on him. You actually take time to come over and comment. I guess there is not enough Miley Cyrus videos to look at..sigh

  13. TracyAndersonFoxhunt says:

    @lifeablast ok, i admit it. i have a Jacko shrine set up. i pray to it. but yeah, i really love MILEY!!!!!!!

  14. djmarkcotter says:

    why did they have to call him jacko???



    Please go away you stupid child.


    Question?: Why does TracyAndersonFoxHunt troll MJ pages on youtube?

    Answer: She doesn’t know either.


    Feel free to copy this msg anytime – TracyIamabritishloserwithissues – pops up on youtube. So tragic that her need for attention compels her to insult one of the most significant humanitarians of the twentieth century while she contributes exactly nothing. Ho hum ………….

  17. moonboots69 says:

    i wonder if he was advised to sink a few million $ into GOLD several years ago… when it was $200 an ounce… (now at $1200+ an ounce & rising)
    Now that would’ve been a smart move…

  18. kagome461 says:

    that bitch called him jacko wtf it’s michael jackson not wacko jacko

  19. Smooth89Will says:

    @eunice1004 thnk u, dnt get me wrng i luv the US but seriously we do lie alot
    rip my Angel

  20. 2001lateralus says:

    Q: did you hear why michael jackson went to the emergency room?
    A: he was choking on a small bone.

  21. Steveholymusic says:

    he his michael not jacko!!!!!!!!!

  22. MJJForever1218 says:

    His fucking name is JACKSON! Geez..not Jacko…

  23. marqbad2bone says:

    why the bitch newswoman had to fuck up the video and call him jacko?

  24. MJJDonna says:

    he’s JACKSON, not jacko!!

  25. MJINMYHRT says:

    Don’t call him Jacko!!!

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