Michael Jackson s and Lisa Marie Presley Infamous Kiss News Video

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  1. ShellyDraven says:

    Haha ok so february 1996- february of 1997 isn’t 12 months? Or is that two years to you? You read into things way too much. I hope you get over whatever vendetta you have against them but whatevers. I know what I know that’s it.

  2. TippiP50 says:

    @ShellyDraven Michael said, “This has got to stop,” and I agree with him. So we will just stick to the facts and what Michael wanted and didn’t want. Clearly, Michael did not want LMP. What LMP wanted or wants is irrelevant. Incidentally, I believe the reference point was January — As I said, LMP dogged his mother and she dogged Michael all over the planet for 3 years. She said she finally gave up because Michael was treating her like a whore. Gee, I wonder why?
    Good Night!

  3. TippiP50 says:

    @ShellyDraven “vendetta”? Maybe you should reference a dictionary occasionally? Who is “them”? Michael was legally divorced from LMP on January 18, 1996 — Based upon that, what Michael said in the tapes, and what he said in the press release he had issued in 2003, he definitely did not want to be connected with LMP–so you will just have to find another victim for LMP to latch onto.

  4. @TippiP50 hello tippip50 when you said the he would just quickly screw her was this before the divorce or after? because I know LMP was still calling him and she also traveled around the world with him after the divorce

  5. maridmsll1 says:

    He looked so hot when he kissed LMP.
    I just can’t bealive what happened.
    RIP MJ, I’ll always be your fan.

  6. Moonstarr72 says:

    Mannnn, he’s such a badass, I love him. xD <3

  7. africaformichael says:

    why was this branded as “infamous kiss”? Its am man kissing his wife. It happens all the time

  8. Shelby62292 says:

    Lisa looks so uncomfortable up there.

  9. i wanna kiss him tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  10. Aloves0strong says:

    :( i loved them together. Thats so adorable how she was kinda hiding behind him.

  11. IWannaBe120 says:

    I remember watching this when I was like 10 years old and wishing it was me!

  12. IWannaBe120 says:


    very true what you said

  13. boymoore123 says:

    @Shelby62292 kinda she looks like she doest wat to be on stage but i think she liked the kiss

  14. yeah! definitely she liked the kiss who wouldn’t ? this looks like a sweet kiss and done with love and romance not like others who opens up their mouth like they wanna eat the whole lips. Michael is so proud that finally he got married and just wanna share his feelings to the world, right? : ))

  15. MRJACKSON19581 says:

    @TippiP50 You are not being TRUTHFULL MJ did want Lisa MJ had always had a crush on her..When Elvis brought Lisa backstage to see the Jakson-5 during The J-5 Vegas show Mj thought she was adorable but he was to old for her then..Mj has said as they both got older he asked his advisor t locate here .and he founf Lisa in1982 before Thriller was released They had dates.I got the pics to prove it in a 1982
    Rock &Soul mag. The marriage was 100% real

  16. MRJACKSON19581 says:

    @TippiP50 You wanna go for broke here? Lets Bang it out..First you need to stop posting llies and makin up BS for .Other people can read you know.! the main reas nMj and Lisa broke up was cause of Mj people and his world Lisa said.. Michae would leave her for days.th reason for that was cause MJ had money hungry cons in his camp that was takin advantage of him.. Lisa saw these cons.Bu for them to use MJ they needed Lisa out of the way they pursaded Mj to go here an there keep in Lisa away ..

  17. MRJACKSON19581 says:

    @TippiP50 Did Lisa ever say anything bad about Mj? ..Not directly she was just like any other women that lost a husband when she knew it could have all beena voided.Lisa spoke out of created anger she knew that something wasn’t right inhis camp ..she knew she had been cheated out of a marriage and it wasn’t entirely MJ fault..she was inlove with Mj and Mj was inlov with her.It ended when neither one wanted it to.She said MJ world was filledh complications cause of the people running his life

  18. MRJACKSON19581 says:

    Thiswa great marriage MJ world wast much to handle..Lisasaid I sathngs that just wasnt right ! Mj had people that wstaking advantae of him.Lis sawenough of theBS,, she said I wanted to save Michael fromthis. but it got to much. I had to get out before it took me down.Tthats the TRUTH its not easy being married to the most famous man on the planet.there wre lot of cons in Mj camp that helped break the marriage up Lisa and Mj got alone just fine.It was MJ world that made matters bad

  19. MRJACKSON19581 says:

    During he 2005 trial a few key players are the ones Imtalkin about that were taking advantage of Mj during this mariage.there were cons names brought up in that trial that was handlen Mj affairs we all learned about them they stole milion from MJ.they had him sign money away .. the dates and times of theses things that took place were the sam time Lisa and MJ was married.they..Lisa no fool shes extreamly smart she saw the BS she said ..she was powerless to do anything.It go to be too much

  20. MRJACKSON19581 says:

    Watch the True Hollywood story.. Lisa said the marriage was not a fake..

    Lisa:.. I loved Michael in always of my heart and Michael loved me with all his heart.!

    Donald Trump said the way he saw them makin ot at his place ..No damn way the marriage was a fake.. there are other peol who were close to MjJ sayin the exact same about this marriage.the onyl people that did not think this was real ARe people who hate interracial relationships and white supremacy media some.I Ieave anyone out?

  21. MRJACKSON19581 says:

    Sorry bout the typos But you guys can read past them.

    Everyoe wanted control of MJ…Everyone had a role for MJ everyone wanted him to conform to their ways and ideas..Nobody ever thought to let Michael lives his lifeas he see set to do so..

    Let the man rest now for cryin out loud..Stop makin up shit about this wonderful marriage that it was..Stop writing it out as you wanted it to be.It was a marriage It just didn’t last. .The lie that one didn’t want the other is BULLSHIT!

  22. 098768343 says:

    you can see that before the kiss, lisa looks very uncomfortable.

  23. nataleegirl says:

    this makes me wanna puke….

  24. TheSos0ow says:


  25. Chocomuneca19 says:

    @MRJACKSON19581 Wow, someone didn’t take their medicine this morning.

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