Snoop Dogg’s birthday wishes to Michael Jackson

Snoop Dogg performs at Michael Jackson’s birthday party in Brooklyn and talks to the Daily News about Jackson.

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  1. capucine0512 says:

    I get “chills” when I hear ppl talking of him…thx U

  2. ciararavenblaze says:

    you’ve already heard the ranting about the video’s “Jacko” title–I’d change it if I were you–but I’d just like to say that this video was wonderful. thank you for sharing it. just… change the title.

  3. matticka1 says:

    why use ‘Jacko’ when it is well known that Michael didn’t want to be called that name. Anyone who respects another human being wouldn’t want a nickname used that signifies ignorance and cruel treatment to others.

    Out of respect for Michael Jackson the title of this video should be changed to use his proper name.

  4. matticka1 says:

    @Tumbies Yes, I sent it because I chose to overlook the title. I saw it but I felt the content was important. News journalists still think they can get away with using this name. It might be effective if we passed on the video to ask people to complain to the newspaper.

  5. fawnie1208 says:

    @matticka1 Thanks. I understand. Yes, the content was important and the content itself was good. But the title . . . And, yes, your suggestion is a great one. It’s about time journalists realize that we consider Michael family and that name is totally unacceptable.

  6. fawnie1208 says:

    @matticka1 I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. AmadeusExcello says:

    @matticka1 The problem here is that you hold the NY Daily News to a standard of journalistic merit (and perhaps linguistic prowess) the paper does not adhered to or acknowledge.

    This afternoon I came across a poorly titled, sensationally written Daily News story with a headline that reads “B’klyn ma claims cop ‘did nothing,’ let daughter die during an asthma attack.”

  8. TheOnlyKingMJJ says:

    thumbs up for the King!

  9. Mr. Jackson hated being called jacko. The term is so very disrespectful. It has raciest connotations. SHAME ON YOU! Please change the name.

  10. Jacko???? what the hell is a Jacko????/

    change that disrespectufl tittle or take the video down.

    either you show respect, or dont report about Mr. Jackson at all

  11. TheSononthethrone says:

    Change the jacko dude that ain’t cool show some respect

  12. hellasexy22 says:

    Big ups to Spike Lee, fans & all other collaborators who took time to show Michael Jackson some love. The media had little to say on Jackson, as monumental of an impact he has made in music. Elvis has received way more more love & he’s been deceased since 1977! A lot of haters out there; even celebrities have not shown their love as they should! So again, Big Ups to Spike Lee! I’ll will continue to support! PS: CHANGE THE FREAKIN’ NAME TO JACKSON IN THE TITLE, PLEASE!

  13. hardreality1234 says:

    I will not buy or read another Ny Daily News Newspaper until you change the name of this video

    the smart hurt the pocket of the hate

    you woulndnt want blacks to denigrate your favorite whatever

  14. donnabedggood says:

    The title of this video needs to be changed! Please! everyone with eyes or ears knows Michael DID NOT Like being called Jacko!
    Props to Snoop!

  15. TheCib136 says:

    till now you would have 45 or more comments like that :”thanks for uploading !graea!t” and so on.
    instead you got only this “change the title !it´s so disrespectful!”
    and you don´t react anyway ..WTF???

  16. THISISIT562 says:


  17. misslucianacamino says:

    WHAT HAPPEN WITH JACKO??? He hates that… Change it right now!!!

  18. MissLilith76 says:

    is it too difficult to write JACKSON? You only need to add two letters, it doesn’t break your fingers, be sure ;)

  19. TheMadoula says:

    @matticka1 Right! Miss you!

  20. olgakanakis says:

    Why have you used the name he hated? His name is Michael Jackson. Maybe you mean nothing by it, but it is an unkind thing to honor him with. He has done and given us so much and he doesn’t deserve this.

  21. thanks

  22. JanetFuckMJdaily2 says:


  23. JanetFuckMJdaily2 says:


  24. karenstube says:

    THANK YOU for uploading this…Michael was more than any words can describe…only one word comes close: LOVE. he was pure love…I feel it in every note he sings…

  25. JanetFuckMJdaily2 says:


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